Our Story

Hey there friend,

It's so great that you've stumbled upon this page, my nickname is Ellie and I am a mother to two daughters, Livi and Juju. I've worked in the online retail B2B space for 9 years; although it's been fun...the ever changing demands of family life  pushed me to start my very own online shop dedicated to my two girls. 

This desire was placed in my heart long before I had children. I've always dreamed of owning my own brick and mortar children's store that reflected family life in the modern times.

Here's a little stepping stone towards that dream and when you purchase from my little shop, you are making that dream come to a fruition and most of all you are contributing to the confidence of a young mother who wants to inspire her daughters to never quit on their goals.

Thank you for stopping by, I hope that you find something you can treasure in my shop and follow along its growth and future!


Stay Awesome,

Ellie H.